About Only a nurse

Onlyanurse.com was founded in January, 2013.  We  believe that nurses have the ability to empower each other through our community.  We provide an excellent environment for nurses to network, learn and encourage others.  Through our content we aim to engage nurses in  the current trends in nursing and we offer a means to connect with other nurses on a personal and professional level.

Nurses are encouraged to participate in our forum discussions and give opinions and advice to others through our articles commenting platform. This is  a great way to learn, grow and network with other nursing professionals.   Our nursing community contributors delve into many of the controversial topics affecting nurses today and we invite participation in these articles and discussions, to promote a learning atmosphere between nurses globally. 

Onlyanurse is a gathering place for nurses to engage in communication with other nurses in the community.  We also encourage participation from nursing students and anyone interested in  the nursing profession.  We provide the resources for nurses to enhance their careers, through our job  boards, and continued education through our CEUs page. We currently have over 100,000 visitors to our website every month.



Our articles address many of the concerns of those in the nursing profession and we understand that nursing is not just a profession, but a way of life.  We embrace the whole person and their lifestyle.  We offer articles related to every aspects of a nurses life, not just the professional side.  We promote a healthy lifestyle for all nurses and our articles address the  imperative work-life balance.  Some of the topics we discuss are diet and exercise, health, fitness, work, relationships, scrubs, education careers choices and job opportunities



Many of our community members are seeking career guidance,  so we offer articles and discussions related to nursing careers and job opportunities. Our contributors also offer advice on careers for nursing grads and  advanced practice nurses. We offer a job search board that is updated daily with the most recent, available nursing positions 



All nurses within the united states are required to obtain continued education each year and we provide CEUs through Alegra.  The courses are thorough and they are reasonably priced.  

We also offer support to nursing students, including, dosage calculation practice, choosing the right nursing school for you, study tips and online education. 

We also provide references on state boards of nursing



We provide multiple ways for communicating with other nurses right here on our website. From our forums, article discussions and membership you can communicate with other nurses globally.  You can stay in touch by signing up for our free weekly newsletter. All of these services are completely free. Join our community today to stay informed, enlightened and empowered with Onlyanurse.com, the nursing community for the future!