Nurses have to say many things during a day. But, sometimes we feel like we’re saying these same things in our sleep, we say them so often.

We polled some of our community members on onlyanurse.com, and we asked them what sentences they use the most during a work-day. Here are the answers we got.  I’m sure you can relate to most, if not all of them if you’re a nurse.   

17. What can I get for you? (you say with a smile, even though it's the 17th time the patient has hit their call bell, and you'd really like to strangle the call bell inventor). 


16. " Yes, I can lend  you my pen, but you need to give it back." 


15.  “Have you had a bowel movement today?”


14.  “When was the last time you had anything to eat or drink?”


13. “No, we can’t order you pizza.”


12. “Put this gown on, it opens in the back.”


11.  “Are you allergic to any medicines?”


10. “No problem! I’d be happy to find out why your I.V  pump is beeping. Oh, your IV is positional,  you need to keep your arm straight.”


9. “Of course I don’t mind getting all nine of your family members coffee.”


 8. “You won’t feel a thing.”


7. “You’ll have to ask your doctor that.”


6. “This won’t hurt a bit. Trust me, all the times I’ve attended this procedure, I’ve never felt a thing!”


5. “Ring that call bell one more time and just see what happens.” (Generally not said very loudly.)


4. “No, I’m not going to give you a sponge bath sir.”


 3. “I’m sorry to wake you, Doctor…”


2. “You can’t have any more pain medicine till (blank) o’clock.”


 1.   “I don’t know when your doctor will be here.”