4 things we must remember as nurses during the holidays

It's the holidays, and we are all rushing around trying to get all our shopping and chores done while still being great, dedicated nurses.  But there are a few things we must not forget while we're concentrating on Christmas.

1. Remember that although our thoughts are with our families at this time of year,  our patients are number one while we're at work.  I know that some patients can be difficult to deal with, and others are a joy, but some of these patients really need us to give them our best.  We can't know what these patients are truly experiencing, but we can be there for them in their time of need and give them the best possible care unconditionally.  


2. Think about your coworkers all the time, especially at this time of year. The holidays can be stressful for many of us.  Not only are we trying to do the work that is required of us during our shift, but many of us have children, spouses, and other family members to care for.   So it's important to value our co-workers and have some compassion for them and what they may be going through.  Teamwork is key, so help them when you can.  The favor will usually be returned to you when you need it the most. We rely on our co-workers and we can't do our job without them. Not just the other nurses, but the nursing assistants and other healthcare personnel too.  Be kind and helpful when you can. Nursing is more than wearing scrubs and working 12-hour shifts.  As nurses, we are all in this together and have a responsibility to our patients to be advocates for them. This means we need to strive to be our best and lead by example. 

.3. It's also important to remember that most of our patients are at their worst when we see them, and it is truly a privilege for them to allow us to take care of them when they are in a very vulnerable state.  They rely and depend on us more than we realize sometimes. Often they are afraid. It's a different and scary environment for them. They are afraid of the unknown and the medical problems they may be facing. They look up to us and seek our advice, good judgement and great care.  We owe it to them to give them the best care we can give.  Not just the ones we "like", but all of our patients deserve our best efforts.

 4. We should never forget why we went to nursing school and became nurses.  We wanted to help people. We wanted to make a difference in patient's lives.  We learned to think critically, and all of our textbook requirements were met, but the caring part isn't something that can be taught, it's innate in most nurses.  So, before you get so wrapped up in paperwork and protocols, don't forget why you became a nurse.  

What other things must we remember during this holiday season?  Comment below.