traits of a good nurse manager

There is good and bad in all people and nurse managers are no exception. Maybe you're reading this because you're a nurse manager and you want to know if you "fit the bill."  Or maybe you're reading this because you loathe your nurse manager and need some assurance that she doesn't have the necessary traits of a good boss.  Regardless of the reason, what makes a great nurse manager? The following are the traits that many of the great nurse managers possess: 


  • Very flexible
  • Doesn't fall into the gossip arena
  • Quick to respond to all communications by staff or patients
  • Organized
  • Grants requests for time off and vacation, when possible
  • Upbeat and energetic
  • Fair
  • Appropriately deals with hostile workplace situations
  • Doesn't tolerate unexcused absenteeism
  • Avoids favoritism
  • Creates a good balance between upper management and nursing staff

A good manager can be hard to find.  I had one and I treasured her. She had most, if not all of these traits. I often wondered how she did it. she was terrific.   

Do you have a great manager that you want to give a shout out to?  Or are you a fabulous manager yourself and want to tell the world?  Comment below!