Nurses are voted the most trusted professionals every year.  But the truth it, nurses lie. You may be reading this and thinking "I never lie," but you do. You may not even realize you're lying and you don't do it to hurt anyone, in fact most nurses tell lies for good reason, but some are not so good.

Here are some of the common lies nurses tell:

1. There's the  "I don't smell anything" lie.  Nurses are exposed to some pretty stinky smells.  Pus, urine, feces and other foul odors. But to avoid embarrassing our patients, we often tell   them we don't smell a thing.  

2.  "I have to go check on another patient."  This lie is often told when you are about to go on break or you need to go to the bathroom, but you can't get out of your patient's room, because they won't stop talking.  


3.  "Oh, I just have allergies, I'm not sick."  How many of you have worked sick? Most of us have.  We are often reprimanded for calling off sick and just like any other profession, we are working for that pay check and need to pay our bills.  So we go to work sick after taking a good decongestant and popping some ibuprofen. 

4.  "You can't have any more pain medicine right now, it's too soon."  If a patient can barely wake up when you walk in the room and they are asking for more narcotics, They are probably not going to get them.  This lie is to avoid over sedating a patient.

. "It's no big deal, don't sweat it."  Nurses will lie so they don't embarrass their patient. If a patient just pooped  all over the bed, vomited everywhere or a whole host of other things that patients do when they are sick.  We will lie so the patient doesn't feel ashamed.  But we do think it's a big deal and we are grossed out.  

6.  "Of course I have time"  This is usually a big FAT lie.  Nurses don't have time.  But, they don't want their patients to know they are so swamped they can't see straight. All in a days work!

What other lies do we tell? Comment below