We are fast approaching a new year and with it comes that feeling of  a fresh start.  There are always  floods of weight loss products and exercise equipment commercials on the TV  this time of year.  Perhaps some of us need to shed a few pounds after the "not so healthy" eating we've been doing during the holidays.  

The media plays a huge part in trying to convince us of what  New Year's resolutions should be.  But, we should be more focused on listening to our own hearts and minds, if we truly want  feel a sense of accomplishment.  Whatever your resolutions are this year, remember they are your resolutions and a "rebirth" of yourself. 

Try to make goals that are attainable and don't set yourself up for failure right out of the gate, by making unrealistic and monstrous goals . Reflect on years gone by and if you didn't stick to those resolutions, ask yourself why.  Set small goals for better success.  


Here are some great tips for New Years resolutions:

  1. Buy a notebook and keep it close to you. When you make progress towards your goal, then journal it. Writing things down keeps you accountable and motivated. 

  2. Tell others about your goals. This helps you keep them. Tell family, friends and co-workers. When you feel a bit weak these people will be there to remind you of these goals and help you adhere to them.

Rewarding yourself with a nice dress after you lose your first 5lbs,  or treating yourself to a nice restaurant meal, can keep you on your goal path, without feeling so deprived.

Don't make your resolutions all about nursing. Instead make them about YOU.  Happy New Year!  Stay healthy, fit and have a great 2015!  

What are your New Year's resolutions?  Comment below!