Dating a nurse has its rewards!  Most people are proud to say they are dating a nurse. Some of the benefits of dating a nurse are pretty obvious, while others may not be so clear. Here are some of the reasons why dating a nurse is an awesome idea.

You will always get free professional advice and care. Heck even your friends and family can cash in on this one.

Most nurses are pretty caring individuals and are empathetic when they need to be.  Nurses have great listening skills and patience. These skills are not only good for nursing, but are needed in relationships too.


Nurses will pull their weight when it comes to work.  They work hard for their degrees and even harder on the job.  They usually enjoy what they do, so this equates to some stability and security.


Nurses know how important their word is.  If  a nurse tells you they will do something, you can rest assured they will.  Nurses tend to be very reliable.


We really don’t take life too seriously.  When you deal with life and death all day, you usually don’t think it’s a big deal when the laundry basket is full.


We always look good in scrubs.


We give great bed baths and can make a bed in a snap. 


Nothing, I repeat, nothing surprises us about the human body.  We have pretty much seen it all.  So, you don’t have to worry about telling us the most disgusting things, even over dinner!


Can you think of any other great reasons for dating a nurse? Comment below!