ten reasons you dont go to nursing school

10 reasons you don’t go to nursing school.

You have a social life and you want to keep it.

You don’t want varicose veins.

You want to go to all your kid’s school and sport functions and attend all the family get-togethers.

You’re all about the almighty dollar.  If you’re in it for the money, then find another career choice.  You need to love nursing or you just won’t make it.

You can’t make nursing school your number one priority.

You like holidays off

You can’t handle being yelled at by some nasty, mean doctors.

You’re a nervous Nelly and freak out when you’re around someone with a cold

You can’t handle stress.

You love sleep

You don’t care about people.

You hate the sight of blood, guts and needles.

 While some of these sound funny, they really aren’t meant to be.  Most of these are things nurses deal with every day.  You should really take a good, hard look at these and make sure you can handle them before you embark on a career in nursing.

What are some other reasons  you don’t go to nursing school?  Comment below!