10 crazy things only er nurses understand

ER nursing can be very rewarding, but has its share of craziness too.  So we asked some of our ER nurse friends to tell us some of the  craziest things that only ER  nurses could really understand.  Feel free to add your own in the comment section below. 

1. Meeting Penny Percocet again!! Patients being allergic to all pain medications except Dilaudid. Or they are allergic to Tylenol, but Vicodin is fine…

Sally Stevens

2.ER nurses know how to  overcome the stares of  pure hatred from patients waiting in the lobby who have no concept of the words “triage system.” 

Christy Curtis

3. The mad dash to the bathroom when the EMS radio goes off with a critical patient.  We all know those bathroom breaks are non-existent when then these patients arrive.

Elise Thomas

4. "How did this happen Mr Jones?"   Most patients: “Well, I was just minding my own business” and “I only had two drinks.” I now believe that minding your own business and two drinks are the most dangerous activities to take part in!

Tori Jones

5. Being able to eat lunch right after cleaning up (insert the most nasty stuff you can think of here) from a particularly messy trauma...YUM!

Linda Bailey

6. Telling “normal” patients, “It's okay , don't worry", or  "he will be fine” as they look at you all worried because the patient next to them is screaming bloody murder and  you are totally ignoring their craziness.

Tina George

7. Earn my lunch money betting on patients blood alcohol level...Yeah, i'm that good!

Dina Light

8.How many nurses does it take to  “supervise” a procedure when the fire rescue hotties are called in to help! 

Collete Bentley

9. Gotta love the patients who demand something to eat "right now" when all they did was complain about how nauseas they were till they got the nausea meds I gave them! Now they're STARVING!!!!!

10.  Giving anyone one who merely utters the words "it seems quiet in here tonight" the most horrible look and sincerely feeling like you wanna choke them! LOL

Ashley Rinnert