5 ways to increase your paycheck and win

Hospitals and other facilities like them have very little wiggle room for increases in pay, especially if they're unionized

If you work for a large corporation, agency or specialty clinic they may be a bit more flexible and may be willing to offer you more for those hard-to -fill positions. But in most cases, your pay will commensurate with experience and education.

However, getting "more" doesn't necessarily mean getting more money. There are other ways to benefit from your nursing career. We will give you a few tips, but after that you should be able to figure some more out on your own.




Never stop learning! Pursue an advanced degree. Take continued education classes.  Always accept new assignments from your supervisor.

If your facility has a nursing committee, join it.


Try different roles or specialties. It's one of the great things about nursing.  There are so many choices.


Quit complaining.  Your personal satisfaction does count. Do you still wake up in the morning and like what you do? If not, then do something about it besides complain. Life is too short to be doing something you hate.


 If it’s more money that you want, your options include:

Working overtime, work an off shift for the differential or put in extra weekends.


Be Proactive  If you want to move up the ladder at your hospital. Do the best job you can possibly do and make your goals clear to your managers. They always like a go-getter.


While most of us can always use a little extra money,  it isn't really about the money for most nurses. It's about the love of the profession and the care and empathy we have for others. One "thanks" from a patient will change a bad day into a great one.  If you feel you are making a difference at the end of your day, then that alone is priceless!