9 most common habits of the most successful nurses

Every nurse wants  to be successful and most of us are willing to do what it takes to be the best nurse we can possibly be.  But what makes a successful nurse?  How can we be successful if we really don't know what it takes to cultivate our skills and develop good habits that lead us to success?   Well,  we've identified 8 common habits of highly successful nurses and compiled them into one article  just for you!


1. Keep your compassionate attitude

It's why you  became a nurse in the first place. Sometimes this habit is difficult to hang on to. Work loads can be heavy, schedules demanding and patients can be tough to deal with.  But try to stay grounded and remember that to help others heal, you must create a positive atmosphere and maintain your compassionate nature. But don't go over board.  Too much compassion can really drain you emotionally and taking your work home can create a burden on you and your family.  So know where to draw the line here.


2. Exercise Patience with your Patients

It's easy to be overcome with stress if you allow it.  When charting and paperwork keep piling up and your patients seem to be increasingly more acute, it's easy to lose your patience and fly off the handle pretty fast.  But successful nurses stay calm, and this in turn makes for a more effective nurse. So even if the pressure is building and coming from all sides, remember that rash decisions (brought on by stress) can hurt your patients and may lead to potentially critical mistakes.  Neither you nor your patients can afford these types of errors.


3. Be a Leader

People look up to you.  For many years now, nursing has been voted the most trusted profession.  So be the authority figure and realize the power you have to influence people in a positive way, even if your particular job description doesn't involve leadership.  Remember there are still others who rely on  and believe in you, so don't let them down.


4. Communicate

This is a very important habit to have in order to be successful. So learn to be a good communicator. Be a good listener and don't tune people out.  Your work environment will run more smoothly if you know how to communicate effectively and there will be less misunderstandings, which equals less stress on everyone.


5. Laughter is the Best Medicine

Learn to laugh. If you don't you'll go nuts.  Nursing is a tough gig.  Many times the reality of it can get the best of you.  Dealing with all the gross stuff can depress you if you let it.  So don't allow the reality to drain the pleasure out of you and take time to do fun stuff  on your days off. It will help you see things from a better perspective.


6. Flexible

Stay flexible in a crazy world.  Realize that people are not robots and  sometimes schedules need to be  adjusted. People don't just decide not to get sick because you are too tired to take care of them.  Don't be on such a strict regimen, that you get your knickers in a twist just because you got off work 20 minutes late.  Things don't always go as planned, but you need to learn to suck it up if you are going to be successful. Otherwise you will drive yourself and everyone around you crazy.


7. Be an Educator

This does not translate to being a know- it- all.  But again, realizing the influence you can have on others is critical in the nursing profession. Talk to your patients about their health. Answer their questions. Even if you have answered that same question ten times in one day, it's the fist time this particular patient has asked it. So slow down and explain yourself.  You will gain respect for your knowledge and play a big part in helping patients make  the necessary adjustments in their lifestyle, that will impact society as a whole.  That's a big deal!  Look how must power you have to mold people in a positive way. Nurses that truly care, stand out in the crowd and are recognized come time for promotions.


8. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

Successful nurses don't cut corners.  It takes just a few more minutes to do something the right way versus cutting corners and potentially harming either yourself or others.  Just do it the right way the first time and you won't have to question yourself afterwards.


9. Have fun.  

Whatever you are doing in a day, have fun doing it.  Be proud you are a nurse.  So many people would love to be in your shoes and posses the knowledge you have, Successful people enjoy what they do. They make the best of the worst situations and move on. Don't dwell on the unpleasant things you had to do today, but instead focus always on the positive and you will be very successful in all that you do!