Ten funny things you wish you could tell your patients

We asked some of our nurses on our  Facebook- Only A Nurse fan page, "What are some funny things you wish your patients knew about nursing?"  Here's what they said.   We know if your reading this you'll have others we can add to the list.  So go ahead and add them to the comment box below and we'll add  the best ones to the next article we write on this topic.



1.  "I know you think we just goof around on the computer all day.  But we   are actually charting  everything  you can possibly imagine (and more), about your mental, physical and emotional  well-being over and over and over". -Carla Dunn

2. "It’s not me hurting you…it’s the needle and if you have an I.V. there isn't a needle in your arm,  it's a piece of plastic, so stop whining." –Kristin Priest 3. "It's alright, you didn't wake me up. I usually don't sleep during my night  shift." –Donna Wright

4. "This is not a hotel, it's a hospital.  I am here to take care of sick people.  I am not here to get visitors blankets, food or drink. Please, visitors, stay off the bed, keep your clothes and shoes  on, no, I can't give you something for your headache and stop telling me how to do my job!"  –Dina Cochrane

5. "Your pain is not a 10 if you are snoring or I have to wake you up to ask.    Nor is it a 12 if you are eating McDonald's and talking on the phone".

–Mare Crabtree

6.  "I really don't know when the doctor will be in, so please stop asking me."Linda Burke

7. "Nurses don't get paid what you think we do. In fact we are quite underpaid for what we do." Lisa Darnell

8." No, you cannot have Dilauded  for your stubbed toe." –Christine Bliss

9. "You are not my only patient today, so lay off the call button."

-Theresa Caudell

10. "Yes, I happen to be married and the other nurse is married too. Please stop asking me to go out on a date with you".-Lori Sorento



Add to the list in the comment box below.