• Only study what you can't recall from your memory after you have read over the material a couple of times. When studying put what you're reading in your own words. Drawing pics helped me too!!

  • I probably made thousands of index card notes in nursing school. Writing things down helps you to remember and comes in handy for last minute study sessions. Studying in groups is also helpful, because you can quiz each other and what you may not remember, someone else will.  When studying for the  NCLEX, do as many practice questions as your brain can stand! 

  •  Relax I was a nervous wreck the first year.  I relaxed in the second year and went from C's to A's

  • One of my teachers told me to always ask myself why. Why is this information important?  Why am I giving this drug?  If I couldn't answer my Why questions, I investigated  until I found more info to help me understand the why. And I used colors because I learn visually.

  • Use index cards to make quiz cards. Write important info on them using only a few words and quiz yourself daily. As you start to remember the info get rid of the cards you know well. Keep doing this until you remember all the basic info you are required to know.

  • Remember ADPIE assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, evaluation. Each question revolves around that. One must learn to establish what they are asking for because most of the time all answers have the correct adpie but are they asking for the planning or intervention? Familiarity with the sequence helps more than anything!

  • We did study groups where we each read and explained in our own words. Sometimes you have to hear the same thing a different way and then boom, it all makes sense! Plus you can steal note-taking and study tips from the group. There are no friendships as strong as nursing school study group friendships.  I always wrote things in my own words before I studied them. Only you know how your brain learns and retains. What is written in the book may not be conducive to the way you study and retain the material.

  •  Always ask questions in class & actively participate in discussions.  Don't be afraid to "call-out" an instructor for being wrong. Just do it tactfully. A very wise nursing instructor once told me to "read for understanding."  Never worry about how slowly you have to read to really understand something and keep going over it until you fully comprehend what it means, before you move on to another sentence or paragraph.  This seems so elementary, but it is very effective.  Study to learn and remember, not just to get through the next exam or the semester.

  •  Buy the study guide books that go with the required textbooks and work  them. Also, try to write an outline of the chapters. Just memorizing material to pass a test, will not help you in your nursing career.

  • Don't procrastinate! It will leave you lost and confused.  Try to read chapters ahead of time, to prepare for your class. 

Study, study and study some more. Listen to your instructors.  They will often give you clues as to what will be on a test.  Some may even say things like, "You may see this again." 

Do you have more advice for nursing students? If so, comment below!