Sleeping is very important to nurses. This is probably due the fact that we don’t get much sleep most of the time. Many nurses work nights, which makes sleeping particularly difficult.  Dealing with the noise during the day, daylight, door bells ringing, and the guy next-door mowing his lawn, it’s enough to make you go nuts!  Since nurses need to optimize the sleep we do get, here are some suggestions for the best sleep positions for your health and to enhance sleep.


1.Back Sleeping

Lying on your back with your arms at your side is commonly regarded as the best sleeping position for back and spinal health. Unfortunately for your poor loved ones, snoring is largely associated sleeping on your back, especially if you ‘re over tired and sleeping deeply.

2. Hold a  pillow.

Sleeping with a pillow will give you a better night’s rest. With the extra support for your spine, you’ll wake up with less pain. Long pillows are especially beneficial, as you can sleep on your side and align your hips by placing the pillow between your legs.  I actually had to sleep this way when I was pregnant and the pillow placed between my legs was very helpful.

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3. On your back with your arms raised.

Lying on your back with your arms raised above your head is a healthy position for your back. It’s also said to have facial benefits. This does however carry the risk of acid reflux, snoring, and slight pressure on your shoulders.




4. Lying face down.

Some people find that lying face down while sleeping is comfortable. It may improve digestion, but the downside is that you’ll be tilting your head quite a bit and straining your neck. You  also run the risk of back pain, as your spine will not be supported. So, it’s not the greatest sleeping position.


5. The fetal position



Ah, the fetal position, my personal favorite!  Sleeping in the fetal position can cause stress on your back and neck. Sleeping like a baby fetus will also restrict your breathing, and isn’t the safest way to cure your late night snoring habits. Although, lying on your right side is said to have benefits to your heart, in that it gives your heart more space in the chest cavity, so causes less stress on the heart. Sleeping on your left side puts a strain on your heart and other internal organs.  Although, pregnant women are usually advised to snooze on their left side.



What's your favorite sleeping position?