Don't be annoying in the hospital

1. Have something real going on before you step foot in the hospital.


Medical staff are busy people and don't have time to play games. .Too many times patients go to the hospital when there really isn't anything wrong.  So be sure you really need to go because you are sick or in pain, and not just because you need a sick note for work.  This happens all the time and these patients waste the time of medical professionals that could be spending that time caring for someone who really needs it.


2. Be honest about your pain level


Nurses are trained to assess the "whole patient," not just what comes out of your mouth. So if you are grimacing, breathing hard and tell me your pain is only a 2, I'm not going to believe you.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you tell me your pain is a 12 and you are eating a hamburger and talking on the phone, I won't believe that either.


3. Medications are not to be played around with.


Don't ask me for medication if you don't really need it.  If you just need to take a nap or get "high," I am not the person to help you do that.


4. Don't threaten nurses


We are your advocates and we are trying to help you.  If you hit, kick, punch or spit at us, we can file charges just like anyone else, and it won't help you get treatment any quicker.


5. Stop the wandering


Don't just take off with your IV still in your arm, pushing an IV pole.  This is not only dangerous, but it looks pretty silly too!


6. Don't smoke.


It's a hospital and if you don;t care about your own health, at least try to care about others.  No, you cannot go outside to smoke when you are hooked up to oxygen...c'mon, really?

7.This is not a party

Keep your visitors to a minimum.  If there are ten family members in the room, the patient isn't getting much rest.  This isn't a party and my job as a nurse is not to bring everyone popsicles and coffee. It's a hospital, not a Hilton.

8. Be nice to  your nurse. After all they get to choose your IV site locations :)

Do you have more you would like to add to this list?  Comment below