There are some serious misconceptions when it comes to the field of nursing.  There seems to be two trains of thought on nursing myths and facts.  Some of them are just plain silly.  I do blame Hollywood for some of these nursing urban legends, but I think some of this is our own fault too.  Here I have listed some of the most ridiculous ones I have heard. If you have heard of more, then please list them below in the comment box.



No, we don’t all wear or even own a white cap

Most of us chose the profession of nursing, it wasn’t the last resort because we failed at being doctors, or were not smart enough.

We do a lot more than pass medications.

Not every “nurse” is the same.  There is a huge difference between a nursing assistant and a nurse practitioner.  (about 6-8 years of education).  So, we don’t like hearing “a nurse is a nurse.” 

We also specialize.  So, just like doctors we work in a certain specialty. If I am a pediatric nurse, it’s probably best for you to assume that I don’t know that much about surgical nursing.   I may know general things about surgery, but I can’t know everything about every specialty.


We don’t wear all-white uniforms.

We do a lot more than just clean up “poop” and “throw-up.” 

This is not a made up Hollywood show. It’s reality, not  Grey’s Anatomy – we’re not secretly sleeping with all the doctors.

Some nurses are men, and no, that doesn’t mean all male nurses are gay.

Decision-making is a team effort. We don’t just take orders.

There are many other places for nurses to work beside hospitals and physician’s offices.

What would you add to this list of the many nurse misconceptions there are floating around?