The first nurse in the U.S. to contract Ebola was on October 12, 2014. On October 13, 2014 a second nurse who had been in contact with Mr. Duncan was also diagnosed with the deadly virus.

Both these nurses contracted the disease from Mr. Duncan who is now deceased.  Mr. Duncan, while in the Texas hospital where these nurses contracted the disease, was secreting copious amounts of the infection through (blood, urine, feces, saliva, tears, sweat and projectile vomiting). 

Nothing was ever said about the heroic nature of these nurses. Their compassion and wiliness to care for this patient was never recognized. Instead, we heard from the CDC that the nurses “breached protocol” while caring for Duncan.

Currently, there are only 4 hospitals in the U.S. that are capable of handling patients who have contracted the Ebola virus.  Most hospitals are unprepared to deal with all the biological waste. The two Ebola patients that were transferred from Liberia to Emory hospital in Atlanta, had up to 40 bags of bio waste each day and staff had to be sent out to purchase waste containers to store and sterilize the waste. Nurses were not provided proper personal protective equipment.  They were not provided Hazmat suits, but instead, flimsy paper gowns, with their necks exposed.


76 ER staff members have now been isolated and are being monitored for signs of the virus.   (Washington Post) reported that instead of starting with the highest possible protection for the nurses, the personal protective equipment (PPE) was added in layers as the patient condition worsened, and that staff used whatever protection that they had available at the time.  Also, while caring for Mr. Duncan, the nurses were also required to care for other patients.

The World Health Organization announced that the world has 60 days from October 1, to contain Ebola or face being overwhelmed by it.  In the meantime, the CDC Director, Dr. Tom Frieden, said he regrets not providing more support to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. 

President Obama is adamant that he will not impose a ban on flight coming from West Africa to the U.S.  Several countries have already imposed a ban, including Great Britain.  Although the vast majority of Americans approve of this ban, President Obama is, once again ignoring the general public’s will to impose this ban.  Americans are protesting outside the White House, many dressed in Hazmat suits.  It appears that Obama’s agenda is threatening the safety of Americans.

The “expert” policy makers have failed the American people and are risking the lives of millions of Americans with their mistakes.  It’s blatantly obvious that they don’t understand the Ebola virus, nor are they willing to listen to the advice of those who do understand it.

Frieden told the World that the U.S had the capabilities and infrastructure to stop Ebola on his tracks.  We have since learned this is simply not true. His arrogant confidence was based on misinformation. The CDC Director finally admitted on October 15, that he should have done more for THPH.

So, with all the failures that have contributed to the spread of this virus, my hope is that the policy makers that have failed us resign immediately.  We need to defeat this virus, not allow it to cripple us. We need a president who will set aside his own agenda and step up to the plate to impose a ban of flights from Africa, for the safety of Americans.  The longer we wait, the more people will be infected with this deadly virus.

Last but certainly not least, we need to commend the nurses who have contracted this horrible disease for their selfless compassion, empathy and excellent care they provided to Duncan. Stop blaming them for things that were out of their control. These nurses followed all the protocol that was required of them and did the best they could with the information, training and equipment they were provided.   Let’s praise these heroes. They are angels in scrubs.  In any other profession they would have been deemed heroes, but instead, these nurses have been horribly criticized. Give them the recognition they deserve!


What do you think about these nurses being criticized?

Do you think it’s their fault they are infected with this virus?

Do you think Frieden should resign?

Do you think our borders should be closed and President Obama should impose a flight ban from West Africa?


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