Hollywood makes me laugh.  Before I became a nurse, I didn't know the difference between what goes on in the "real" world and silly Hollywood shows.  Everything from Nurse Jackie to Greys Anatomy, they are so outrageous that it sometimes angers me. 

They lead the public to believe that nurses lead a glamorous life, where we all date doctors and throw wild parties.  The show Scrubbing In,  a reality show that was recently canned due to nurses who were outraged by Hollywood's portrayal  of drunken parties, dramatic arguments and sex, was so over-the-top it was appalling to watch.


This type of stereotyping of nurses as sexy and promiscuous women and, in this case, sexy and promiscuous male nurses as well, demeans nurses and diminishes and disrespects the nursing profession to the extent that at a time of severe nursing shortages the world over, it could have the damaging effect of discouraging potential nurses from entering the profession. Yes, Hollywood has that much effect on young adults considering nursing as a profession.


From ER, Third Watch, Grey's Anatomy, Nurse Jackie, Trauma, Three Rivers, ...and the list goes on.  What medical professional is advising Hollywood on these types of shows?  They can't seem to get anything right. Okay, I get it.  I know it's about the "wow" factor and they need the ratings.  But can we not have some of these scenes even remotely believable?

They then leave it to the health care professionals out in the "real" world to dispel all the silly myths that they have created.


I have listed some of the moste ridiculous Hollywood myths below.  Please add your pet-peeves in the comment box below:


Patients  who have multiple surgeries or any critical surgical patients don't wake up with no oxygen. Most don't "wake up" and carry on full conversations.  Most are kept sedated and intubated for their own safety.

But, I guess that's just not glamorous enough for Hollywood.


Most hospital units don't have 25 doctors walking around flirting with the nurses.  There are usually many more nurses on a floor than doctors.


When a patient comes in with a gunshot wound we don't just pull the bullet out, sew them up and all is well. There's a lot more involved with this type of injury.


If someone is in a "coma" they don't breath on their own!!!!


It's a defibrillator not a "bring back from the dead machine".


Patients cannot talk with breathing tubes or traches.


No, nurses do not wear miniskirts or heels at work.


No, doctors & nurses do not routinely have sex in the closet & most hospitals do not have linen closets.


IV's bleed after you pull it out of your arm.


Side rails are up when a patient is comatose.


A tiny amount of air in an I.V. is not going to cause a myocardial Infarction.



When CPR in done, it's not pretty. The patient isn't a "Chatty Cathy". Many times there is vomit and cracked ribs.  Hollywood patients are never given epi or bicarb and no ambu bags are ever used, but they magically come back to life.



There are no preemies or babies with special needs. The baby always comes out clean and is already a couple of months old.



Surgeons and nurses don't wear their masks below their noses and the surgical atmosphere is almost never that serious.  


These are just a few of mine.  I could go on, but I will let others comment below on their favorite Hollywood medical pet peeves.