Most nurses know the value of a good CNA. But there are still times when I see CNAs being treated horribly.  What makes some nurses think that once they are licensed, they don't have to get their hands dirty anymore?  Any good nurse knows this simply isn't true and the best assessment skills are learned by getting in there and getting your hands dirty.  There's a reason why you learned to give bed-baths in nursing school.


Thank your nursing assistant

Nurses need to appreciate and value the work of a CNA and realize that a good one will be your eyes and ears when you are busy with your other duties.

A nurses’ aide (Certified Nurses Aid – CNA)  Is part of the team.  We all work together and complement one another.  If you are an aide and someone asks what you do, never simply say “I’m just the aide.” You are an important part of the team.  Never let anyone make you feel like your role is less important or that they are better than you.  Every nurse knows that when a good CNA is off sick, or on vacation, all hell can break loose.

Remember, if you're a nurse that, "what goes around comes right back at you."  If you help CNAs out when they need it, they will be there for you when you need them.

Don't forget to complement them for a job well done and remember that many times it takes just as long to stand there and bark orders as it does to get in there and help.

I personally, would like to thank all the hard working CNAs out there.  You are appreciated!