I have worked nights for most of my nursing career and it always seems like by the 4:00 am mark you just want to go find an empty bed, curl up and go night-nights, especially on your third 12 hour shift.   We polled some of the nurses on Facebook  and ask them to tell us how they manage to stay awake on night-shift. Here’s what they said:


“That’s when you do the 3-4 am DANCE PARTY with your coworkers!!!!!.” -Michelle Smith


“Take my lunch break and sleep. Set my alarm so I wake up. Does wonders. Been working nights for a very long time and even a small nap can make the world of difference.” -Karen Colton


“I find that I've made myself a routine so that I know I’m busy from 3 to 4 making stocking organizing cleaning up orders just busy work that really helps.” -Kerry Stephens


“60 CC's of  caffeine IV stat and something good and sugary LOL"-Joanne Carole


“Just get a good day sleep!! 27 years ..nightshift..!!and warn the neighbors that you have been known to kill people when you're awakened from your sleep"-Kelly Dunn


“Coffee, rounds, chat with co-workers....the best conversations happen during this time.”- Mary Wright


“I work 7 nights, 7 days off, and our only time "off" is between 4 and 5 - that is when I eat, have tea, or as someone else told; make myself busy. I am though one of the nurses that doesn't get  tired at nights thanks to good routine of sleeping well during the day". Tara King


“Chat with your coworkers around the telemetry monitors to help fight the overnight struggle together, and go on FB  and play around or to and hang out there for a while LOL". Linda Preistly

“Drink a lot of water and eat some nuts and cheest, both great sources of energy".-Mindy Kirtly

“Stock supplies, walking rounds, bowel protocol, anything but sit down. Walk around the unit and get your exercise for the day". Lisa Neill


“Begin to restock the med carts, make a pot of coffee while I drink a full glass of water, straighten the linen cart or diet kitchen, walk the stairs....go to the bathroom, lol.”- Karen Lee


“5 hour energy because life doesn't stop at 7a when I clock out gotta get the kids up and off to school.” -Amanda Knott-Rivera


“Used to find busy work if able, but sometimes I'd feel so tired I couldn't. I'd usually just end up finding a coworker to giggle with. So grateful to be on days, although sometimes I miss the Shenanigans at night..”- Maridith Morris


“Hahha right now I'm in steak and shake drive thru to fuel up for my morning med pass.”- Heather Ann


“Splash water on my face. If I have good people working with me we will chat about our lives and vent so it seems to keep me awake..”- Karli N Monty Sternberg


“Eat, scare the other nurses I work with, stock carts, hold my eyelids open....” -Michelle Demonbreun Johnson


“Go on break with my nurse friends drink a dew and smoke an ecig. Must act like total idiots on Break and share crazy stories works every time..”- Michelle Mcgowan


“It's so random- I worked night shift and loathed the 3 am drowsies but I was assaulted by a patient and have been out of work for 3 yrs and now I wake up and am wide awake EVERY SINGLE NIGHT between 3-330 am.” -Kim Mikos


“Run the stairs and think 'I can make it to 0700!!!'.”- Catie Adams


“4am funk I call it!!”- Jessica Sue


“Just don't stop, keep movin, dance, hum, don't sit!!”- Evelyn Cobley


“Cartwheels!.”- Lisa Bishop


“The 2 C's: COFFEE & CLEAN.” Bobbie Jo Lyons


“I'm 16 weeks pregnant and working a 12 hour night shift tonight. It's been a loooong time since I worked nights. Hitting the 'slump' part of the shift. Trying to figure out ways to keep up. Can't drink coffee.”- Megan Preather


Some great answers here. What do you do to stay awake during these crazy hours? Comment below!  It’ll keep you awake!