Being a nurse usually means being on your feet a lot.  Standing for prolonged periods can cause fatigue, varicose veins and discomfort.   There’s nothing worse than having pain in your legs and feet.  

If you are on your feet a lot, try to sit when you can and do some simple stretches.  It’s also really important to wear good compression stocking, to prevent let fatigue.  If your legs are fatigued it can throw you gait off and can also result in back pain.




What are compression stockings?


Compression stockings help with venous return by applying pressure and support to your lower extremities. This alleviates pain,  fatigue and prevents varicose veins.


It’s important to pick the right size for you when buying compression stockings. You should measure first before you purchase.

When a stocking is under 10mmHg they are not very efficient at relieving leg fatigue and pain. On the other hand, stocking above 20mmHg may be a little uncomfortable. You should aim for stockings between the range of  15 to 20 mmHg.

Compression stockings used to be pretty ugly, but you can now find some really nice and fashionable ones on Amazon.

Here’s a list of the best compression stockings for nurses: