The dirtiest place in the hospital

Dirtiest Places in a Hospital


What's the dirtiest place in the hospital ?  Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the operating room, since they have most of the body fluid spillage.  Or it could be the MRSA infested bronchoscopy lab. The emergency room? I hate thinking this and hope you’re are not reading this on your break, but the cafeteria also comes to mind. Maybe even pathology? Or the nurses station? The doctor’s lounge?

It really could, quite easily be any of these places.  We polled our Facebook audience to see what they might say and here are just some of their answers. Please feel free to add to the list in the comments below.


The leftovers in the nurse break room fridge that's been there for over a month.

The male doctor’s locker room

The resident's lab coat.

The “community stethoscope” on our floor

The call button

The hand sanitizer pump nozzle

Elevator buttons.

Pulse oximeter.

The nasty curtains that are around the beds. How many times do they get splattered on and are not changed? I for one, have never seen them pulled down and cleaned.

Non disposable EKG leads

Door knob to the dirty utility room.


The staff kitchen. No one cleans up after themselves. Frustrating!

Computer key pad or patient bed/tv controller.

The bottom of my nursing shoes

Bathroom door handles.

The hand rails.

Dirty utility room


Bottom of the OR tables.

The computer KEYBOARDS definitely!

The nurses lounge!

Ice machine!

The keyboard at any nurses station!

IV poles.

Patient nutrition room ice machines.

Keyboards, telephones and desk tops.

Nursing lounge fridge vs the big bins of used dirty sheets waiting for wash.

Behind the computer screens.

Ice machine, hands down. Google it and gag when you hear what is found.

Door handles to the public bathrooms.  I always use a paper towel to open them.

My shoes.

Light switches in patient rooms!

Desk doctors computers or mouse. ER patient gurney rails.

The telephones carried by any patient caregiver. Hands down.

The call button.

TV remotes.

Trach patient's room.

Little button on the water fountain.

Breakroom fridge door handle.

Doctors Lounge Floor

Guest coffee makers in the ED waiting room