Weirdest, Funniest Reasons for Calling in Sick



Here’s a list you may give you a pretty good laugh. It’s the funniest call-in reasons from companies nationwide.  Some of these definitely required a good imagination, while others are just downright silly. If you were the one taking the call, and you believed what you heard on the other end of the phone, then you are pretty silly too!  :


Employee just put a cake in the oven and couldn’t leave it.

Employee’s plastic surgery for enhancement purposes needed some "tweaking" to get it just right.

Employee broke her ankle because her legs were wobbly when she got off the toilet. (You can’t make this stuff up).

Employee had been at the casino all weekend and still had money left to play with on Monday morning.

Employee woke up in a great mood and didn't want to spoil it by going to work.

Employee’s arm was stuck in the blood pressure machine at the grocery store  and EMS had to be called.

Employee caught their uniform on fire by putting it in the oven

Employee accidentally got on a plane.

Employee has no clean clothes.

Employee needs a hair-cut.

Employee’s dog needs to be walked.

Employee’s prostate was acting up again…Can you say too much information?

Employee was missing for 3 days, because he was kidnapped and tied up in someone’s trunk.

Employee has “explosive diarrhea.” 

Employee’s grandmother passed away…fourth time this year!

Employee’s vagina was too dry….(Not touching this one).

An employee broke one of her acrylic nails and had to go and have it fixed. She wasn’t even supposed to be wearing them.

Employee’s wife called because her husband “caught hypertension”.

Employee called in because his dog ate his pot.

Employee can’t come in because she has a new boyfriend.

Can’t come in because my lipstick broke.

These are all pretty funny. Do you have any that you have heard?  Or worse, have you used any that you want to share?