Would You be Willing to Take Care of Ebola Patients?

 Two nurses have been infected with Ebola in the U.S while they were taking care of a patient infected with the virus.  So it’s no surprise that nurses all over America are worried that they are at risk of contracting this horrible disease.  

The hospital where these nurses contracted Ebola did not provide them with the proper equipment to care for Ebola patients and the CDC initially blamed the nurses for “a breach in protocol,” while caring for Mr. Duncan, the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S.  We asked some of our Facebook community if they would be willing to care for these patients. Here are their answers:


“I would be willing if they trained me how to take off and put on the PPE and give us level 3 suits and a second nurse coach (buddy system) when taking off gear.” –Tara G.

“No way! It’s obvious that the CDC has been lying to us all along, by telling us this disease was not airborne and now they are changing their tune.  I am not willing to risk my life nor my families lives to care for these patients…Sorry!.” –  Britanny L.


“I would care for them if I had the right equipment. As long as I could care for them safely, I would!  Linda T.


“I would rather be unemployed than dead and there is no way I am risking my life or my families lives to care for Ebola patients.  Obama now wants to allow people who have been infected with the disease from other countries, to be flown to the U.S and cared for here using tax payer money.  We cannot handle our own people, let alone other countries.  This Ebola outbreak has me seriously considering finding another career.  The full hazmat suit is not available to us at our hospital.  I don’t believe anything the CDC says.” Bridgett M.


“When someone brings this home and infects not only themselves, but their family, then we will be singing a different tune.” Trish P.


“No, I didn’t sign up for this.  I don’t mind caring for people that are sick and dying but I no longer trust my country to protect us against this horrible virus and I feel I am being taken advantage of.  These nurses where criticized and lied about by the CDC for doing the best job they could and I am pretty annoyed about theat.” – Tiffany G.


“Why is this disease not being treated like TB and with the same precautions?  Why have we been lied to?” Helen P.



 “Nurses do not ethically have the right to pick and choose who they work with. It is called the duty to care.” – Catherine R


“And it's not ethical to make someone do something against their will?  I don’t have the money to be quarantined for 21 days.” Darla S.


 “No. I have sacrificed enough as it is for my nursing career. We can’t trust the CDC they just keep lying and blaming nurses for spread.” Trina B

 “I am definitely not willing to die for my profession.  We have not been given enough information as to why these two nurses contracted this disease and I don’t have any faith in the CDC or our government at this time. “ Noelle H.


“I am a nursing student. Don't you have to? Or do you have a choice?” –Nell B.


“No, you can refuse to take report on any patient that makes you feel you are in danger, threatened in any way or if you feel you are not skilled enough for the particular assignment. Higher management may get upset with you but you do have the right to refuse.  The fact that I do not feel I have been properly trained on the precautions of Ebola and that I really feel in danger has definitely made my mind up. I will not be caring for these patients.  I am not ready to die, nor am a ready to lose my family members to this disease.  I can find another job.” –Brenda L


Our nursing community has spoken on Facebook. Do you share the same views? Leave your opinions in the comments!