Interviews can be difficult to figure out, because you never know what they may ask you. You may also read too much into a question and try to give them what you think they want to hear. Some of their questions are a little silly, but they’re just trying to learn as much as they can about you in a relatively short amount of time.


The best thing you can do is stay positive with all your responses.  But don’t be so positive that you create a “candyland” world and they know you are telling a few fibs. 


Try to be as genuine as you can and focus on being upbeat, calm and friendly. 

Here are six quick do’s and don’ts for nursing interviews:

1.Tell us about yourself? 

Do tell them- Your successes and your experience, but keep it short.

Don’t tell them- Your whole life’s story. They don’t have time to listen and you don’t know them that well.


2.Why did you choose nursing as your career?

Do tell them- A great and inspiring, work related story that will help you shine.

Don’t tell them- “I like it”  Give them a real explanation for what, or who inspired you to become a nurse



3. Tell us about a difficult situation you’ve had in the past and how you dealt with it?

Do tell them- Your professional strengths and challenges you have overcome in a positive way.

Don’t tell them- About your personal life or knock-down-drag-outs you’ve had with others.



4. How would you handle a situation where the patient complained about everything you did?

Do tell them- Tell them about a past experience you’ve had that you feel you handles with care and understanding, always focus on the positive

Don’t tell them- About the time you got really mad at a patient because “he hit the call button too many times.”




5.What do you like about being a nurse?


Do tell them- How you enjoy caring for your patients and making a difference in a patient’s life.


Don’t tell them- You like making money. Don’t keep going on about your profession either. Just keep it simple



6.What do you find difficult about being a nurse?


Do tell them- Nursing can be a little stressful at times but you feel you do a pretty good job of caring for your patients and balancing everything.


Don’t tell them- Oh, nursing is never difficult, it’s always fun and exciting. They’ll know it’s a lie.