sexy Ebola costume...have they gone too far?

Have they gone too far with this “sexy Ebola nurse outfit”?  These outfits are being sold all over the internet and in stores.  While, according to the World Health Organization the Ebola virus has infected 10,000 people worldwide and killed 5,000.

 A London club is throwing a “Saturday Night Ebola Fever” party on Halloween.  Charities that are raising money to fight the virus have referred to this as ‘reprehensible”.

Websites and bars seem to be joining in on this Ebola crisis by selling costumes for Halloween, made to look like the  containment suits being worn by volunteers, nurses and doctors, who are risking their own lives to treat people infected with the deadly disease.

The description on the package containing the outfit says: “As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style.”

Almost 5,000 people have so far died of Ebola, most from Africa and the WHO estimates the figure could be higher due to under reporting in Africa.

The costumes, which are being sold for $59.99 (£37) includes a white dress, face shield, breathing mask, safety eye goggles and blue gloves. The boots are sold separately for $79.99 (£49).

The package also states “The short dress and chic gas mask will be the talk of Milan, London, Paris, and New York as the world's fashionistas seek global solutions to hazmat couture.” The costume package description also adds  “This will literally be the most "viral" costume of the year.”

 Meanwhile the Ebola outbreak has been referred to as “the most severe acute health emergency in modern times' by the World Health Organization.”

As a healthcare professional, I am personally appalled by this behavior. I feel it is making a mockery of nurses that are risking their lives and the lives of their families to care for these patients. Humor is one thing, but in my opinion, this has gone too far. The death toll is simply not funny!

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