7 Things you need to buy when you're in your first year of nursing

Nurses are constantly bombarded with products that they "should buy", but which of  these products do you really need?   In your first year of nursing there are several things you should buy and we will discuss them here: 

1. Scissors and hemostats.  You really need scissors and hemostats for everything.  It's wise to invest in good scissors and a couple of hemostats


2.Nursing bag:  Get a really good quality bag, it will last you a long time.  You will use it for work and  will be able to carry everything in it.  Well worth the investment

3. Nursing scrubs: invest in some good quality scrubs. The good quality ones will last through the tough shifts and stains will lift  out well too.  Make sure you check with the facility you'll be working in first. Often, there is a uniform requirement for color and/or style.  Grey's Anatomy scrubs are good quality scrubs that last a long time. 

4. The most up-to-date drug book:   This is a must have.  You can't afford not to have the latest drug book.  Once you purchase it, you don't have to purchase a new one every year, just get the updates from the publisher each year, on all the new drugs.

5. A Great Stethoscope: You need this in nursing school and you will go through a ton of cheap ones, if that's the route you decide to go.  If you want one that will last, get a Littmann.  Don't waste your time on cheap ones.  Yes, it may be expensive, but it will last a long time and be well worth the investments.  Most nursing specialties require you to have a stethoscope.  I take mine everywhere I go. 

6. Nursing Clip Board: I have a great clip board and wouldn't know what to do without one.  Don't buy a regular clip board. You need a nursing clip board.  Nursing clip boards have lab-values, IV calculation, assessment and all kinds of other cool nursing stuff.  I LOVE mine.

7. A Travel Mug:  If you drink coffee, you need a great nurse travel mug. Well, okay, you don't "need" one, but they're nice and fun to have. They have some really cool ones these days.