When a person is suffering from a heart attack, time is critical.  If the patient is not treated immediately the consequences can be grave.  But  Alec Momont, a student at the Netherlands' Delft University has developed the ambulance drone.  The drone can fly at 60 miles per hour to deliver a defibrillator to a patient in need in minutes.

The drone is a bright yellow hexacopter and can be dispatched to a heart attack victim, who is within 4.6 square miles in about a minute.  There will be an operator available to instruct anyone rendering assistance to the patient.  The operator will also be able to visualize the entire procedure through a live camera. 

While defibrillators don't bring back the dead, as we are led to believe on silly Hollywood shows, they can be used to correct cardiac dysrhythmias, tachycardia, and ventricular fibrillation. 

The cost of these drones would be around $19,000.00 each, but they would significantly improve response times in cardiac events and ultimately same some lives.  Momont also envisions future ambulance drones to have all the required medical equipment, such as Epipens, Oxygen masks and insulin injectors. 

Before the ambulance drone is actually put into service,  Momont must work through the legal process.  As a healthcare professional I can definitely see the need for a tool such as this.

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