11 things nurses do better, super nurse, things nurses do better

Nurses are people just like everyone else, but there are some things we do better than the average Joe.  Here are eleven things nurses do better:


1. We don't have a gag reflex anymore.  So no matter what you tell us, or how disgustingly gross it is, we won't gag or throw-up.



Nurses are pretty tough cookies, so we don't cry easily.  We've learned to hide our emotions. If we didn't we would probably spend the whole shift in a closet balling!

Nurses can hold their bladders better than anyone.  The truth is, we have to and barely get time to go for a potty break most of the time. It's not unusual for nurse to go for 12 hours without using the bathroom.

Nurses can hide their rage,  We get pretty angry at times, just like everyone else. But  there's no room for anger around patients in nursing, so we've gotten pretty good at hiding it.

Nurses are excellent lie detectors and they've heard it all before. Don't waste your time lying to them.  They may not even let you know, they know you're lying, but they know!

Nurses don't overreact. They are trained to work under pressure and keep their cool.  You certainly don't want a nervous Nancy taking care of you when you're sick. Thankfully, most nurses are cool cucumbers!

Nurses not only know their way around computers, but they can type endlessly!

They know how to remove blood stains from any garment

Nurses know how to be humble and brag at the same time

They know how to improvise when they've learned something new and make it look like they've been doing it forever. 

They can keep a straight face when they have to. They see some sights and sometimes it's hard not to laugh, so they learn to poker face, when they have to

What other things can nurses do better that other people?  comment below