Aspiring Nurse Hears First Gunshots at Umpqua

Michael Sullivan/The News-Review via ZUMA Wire

Michael Sullivan/The News-Review via ZUMA Wire

Aspiring nurse Hannah Miles is attending Umpqua Community College in the hopes of becoming a nurse one day. She would love to work in an ER, but didn't expect her school classroom to be transformed into one last Thursday, when an armed gunman began shooting her fellow students.   


A 26-year-old man entered the building around 10:30 a.m, and that's when Miles said she heard  “a yardstick or ruler smacking against a chalkboard.”

Miles told the Daily Beast that this was “Not what I expected, my first year of college,” 

One of the students commented about the noise sounding like a shotgun and after that they heard shot after shot and people crying out. 

Miles said, “It was utter chaos, the fear and the panic."

The gunman fired a shot through the classroom, and shot the teacher in the head. He then lined up the students and asked them to state their religion, shooting all that told him they were Christian in the head. Those that were of other religions were shot in the legs. 

When the police arrived on the scene they shot the man dead after an exchange of gunfire. 

Yes, the shooting was unthinkable,” she said, “but it is even more incredible that people can become supporters for one another.”

Miles said the day makes her want to be a nurse “more than ever.”

“I can tell you, I’m going back to UCC.”

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