Child Dies After Being Given the Wrong Medication

St Luke's Regional Hospital

A child who died last month in Twin Falls, Idaho was given an adult dose of potassium phosphate and saline solution, after arriving at St. Luke's Regional Medical Center. The 7-month old died a few hours after the medication was administered. The Times-News ( ) 


 The hospital released a statement on Friday, announcing that the nurse mixed the child’s medication with another medication that had been prepared for an adult that was also being treated in the emergency room at the time. 

One nurse prepared the medication for the adult at the nurse's station and another nurse mistook the bag for the infant's medication and administered it to the child, who suffered cardiac arrest 10 minutes after receiving the medicine. 

After attempts to resuscitate the child were fruitless, one nurse realized that the child had been given the wrong medication. 

In a statement, the hospital stated, “We missed at least one part of the standard procedure for administering medication. We deeply regret that mistake, and we are actively tightening our processes to minimize the chances of human error in the future. While we have expressed our deepest and most heartfelt apologies to the Elliot family, we know words will never be enough to ease their pain. We continue to offer any support we can to this family."  Hospital officials declined further questions after releasing their statement. 

An investigation will be conducted by the hospital, and a copy will be sent to the Joint Commission.  There will also be an autopsy, with a coroner's report, and the child's family will receive a copy of the investigative reports. 

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