Nurse Breastfeeds Baby in the Operating Room

nurse breastfeeds baby in the operating room

A baby was undergoing surgery recently in Guangdong, China, when she began crying inconsolably.

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Nurse Li Baoxia, who was lactating, began to breastfeed the infant to calm her down and continued to breastfeed the one-month-old baby girl till the surgery was complete. 

The surgery was conducted under local anesthesia, so the baby was able to move and was crying continually.  But, once the nurse began breastfeeding the child she immediately became calm and relaxed, which enabled the surgeon to complete the procedure successfully. 

The baby's father thanked the nurse for helping his daughter and breastfeeding her. He grasped the nurse's hand and exclaimed, "'Thank you! You not only cured my child but also breastfed her. As a father, I cannot thank you enough." He went on to call her an "angel nurse."

Chinese social media sites were buzzing about the event, and many praised the nurse for going beyond her duty. Some did question the nurse's action and discussed whether she had the right to breastfeed someone else's baby. 

It is unknown where the mother of the child was. 

I don't think this is something that would happen in the U.S, simply because there are too many stipulations on what nurses can and cannot do. Procedures are carried out to the letter, without variance, unless there is written and signed consent. 

I also think cultural differences would come into play in a similar situation in the U.S.  But, apparently this is exactly what this baby needed to get through this operation, so who are we to judge?

What are your thoughts on this article?  How would you feel if someone breastfeed your child in a similar situation? Comment below.

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