Nurse Surrenders Her License for Sleeping on the Job and Man Dies in Her Care.

A Nurse is Syracuse, N.Y. admits to sleeping on the job, which led to the death of a 25-year-old disabled resident in the group home where she worked. 


Tanya Lemon, who was a Licensed Practical Nurse, has surrendered her licensed to the N.Y. State Education Department after they charged her with professional misconduct. 

She was charged in the death of the resident that was in her care. Investigators received a report that she had been sleeping on the job when the man died. The resident had been deprived of oxygen for 8-hours prior to his death, last year. Five other residents were under her care at the time.  

Ms. Lemon admitted in court that she routinely slept on the job and was sentenced to 90-days in jail and five years probation.  The State Education Department also charged her with professional misconduct after she pled guilty to the criminal charges. 


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