Hilarious Look at a Day in the Life of a Nurse

You wake up, all bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready for work. 

Somehow, you muster up the strength to get to your car.

When you realize you're working with your best buddy!

When the doctor does his rounds and decides to take two of my patients off propofol for a "sedation vacation."

When I'm interupted for the tenth time during a patient assessment.

When a nurse comes out of an isolation room and touches me

When I've charted on the wrong freaking patient again. 

When a patient tells me she hasn't pooped in 6 days

When it's 3PM and I still haven't gotten to pee or eat lunch

When I blow my diet, order pizza and it's still not here. It's been at least ten minutes...ugh

When my pizza finally arrives and I only have five minutes left on my lunch break

When one of my patients tells me she's a 11/10 on the pain scale and she's talking on the phone, laughing and singing. 

When the nurse manager tells me I am getting two new admits and I already have ten patients

When the annoying family member tells me that she needs a fifth cup of coffee

Ten hours into my shift. I just wanna go home. My whole body hurts. Please make it stop!

Hey, hey, here comes the next shift...Yeah!

giphy (3).gif

Happy dancing my butt right on out of there. Yay!


What a day!