Making A Christmas Tree With Gloves

Christmas time is upon us once again nurses, and I was scrolling through our Facebook page recently when I noticed that one post had been resurrected from the dead every single year.  It was one with a Christmas tree made out of surgical gloves.  Every year we receive thousands of enquiries into how these cute little boogers are made.  

Some folks are much more "artsy" than others, but, unfortunately, I'm better at emptying urinals than coming up with ideas to make wreaths with them.  I suppose I'm fearful that if I made a glove tree myself it would probably resemble something more like Freddie Kreuger on a bad day! 

The cries for help making these things has turned from a gentle request to blood-curdling screams about fingers being glued together. So with  450,000 nurses sharing the Christmas tree post on Facebook, we decided we simply cannot ignore this matter any longer.  

Here are some delightful creations made from surgical gloves and finally, for all you crazy nurses that want to try your hand at this madness, the instructions!  If you end up in the ER with your fingers glued up your nose don't point any fingers at us! Haha...Okay, okay, I nose, that was awful!  Merry Christmas to all the nurses in our community and be sure and send in your pictures for us to post next year!


Get some good strong surgical gloves.  I like the green ones; they're pretty festive, but you can use any color you like. 

If you're going to make this at work then just use what you have.  The latex gloves seem to be easier to handle and blow up.  The vinyl ones are more difficult, and it's more of a challenge to tie the knot once you have blown the glove up. 

Blow up your gloves first then twist the cuff of the glove and tie it in a knot.  Next, you'll need to secure the gloves together in a chain. You can use yarn or string to do this.  Begin with the first one, wrapping the yarn around the knot, then tie it. Then move to the next knot of the next glove and tie the yarn around the knot. Keep doing this till you have a chain of gloves.  The number of gloves you will need on the chain will depend on the size of the tree you wish to make.  Keep the gloves fairly close together on the chain to give it a full look.

The further you go up the chain the smaller the gloves should be. You want it to have a tiered look.

Once you have your chain of gloves, you need to make a base. This can achieved with gloves.  Blow up three gloves and tie them all together. This will create a base.  You can also use a paper towel holder.  If you want to make a huge tree, you can make it on an IV  pole and attach a bow to the top to cover the hooks. 

To decorate the tree use light weight decorations so you don't damage the tree.  And that's it!  Be sure and send us a picture of all your creations!