Nurses and Doctors Working the Emergency Response Plan in Paris, in the Aftermath of this Horrendous Crime

Saturday afternoon and hospitals in Paris, France are still in a state of emergency following the terrorist attacks in the city, which killed 127 people and injured 300. 


According to  The Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux Paris, (APHP), the authority over the city’s hospitals, announced today that there were 300 people admitted to 36 different hospitals. Of the 300 patients admitted, 80 are still in critical condition, and 177 are in serious condition. 43 patients are being treated for psychological complaints, and 53 people have been discharged from care. 

On Friday, the APHP  put “plan blanc,” the emergency response plan into effect.  This plan mobilizes doctors and nurses in a crisis. This plan is still in action. 

There is tight security at all seven hospitals, with checkpoints and officers verifying the identity of all people entering the premises. 

Hospital officials asked for blood donations and had a magnificent response to that request.  Citizens donated blood readily, and the blood bank is now saying they have enough. They are asking citizens to come back later in the week if they still wish to donate. 

It's important to point out what a state of emergency is: It's when the government's interrupts normal constitutional procedures to regain control and order of people and situations. When this happens paramedics, nurses, doctors and blood banks respond simultaneously. 

Many of the nurses, doctors and other trained professionals were just showing up to work and offering to help in any way they could. There was also a mobile station set up at one of the attack locations to implement help for those who were injured; this was key in helping to stabilizing patients before they arrived at the hospital, which improved the rate of survival for patients who were bleeding profusely, 

Paris has also done a wonderful job of coordinating care by not sending all the victims to one hospital, but instead to all 36. This helps because all of these hospitals are still dealing with the daily requirements of patients who were not involved in this attack and to inundate one hospital with the burden of caring for all the patients involved would be a mistake. 

As nurses, we can all imagine how frantic and emotional these nurses and doctors must be, feeling so overwhelmed trying to care for all these victims.  When you pray for the victims today, please remember to pray for all the nurses and doctors who are saving the lives of people from  this horrendous crime. 

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