10 More Things Only Nurses Understand

Nurses have a unique bond. We speak a special language, and we understand each other.  This is a follow-up to the previous article on "9 Things only Nurses Understand."

1. Removing your shoes at the end of the day is an amazing feeling.  The word heaven doesn't even come close to explaining it.  It's a feeling, well, only nurses understand. 

2. You just don't say quiet in an ICU or emergency room, unless you want to become the most unpopular person in the world in an instant. 

3.  The wonderful feeling of accomplishment you feel when you find a box of gloves in your size. 

4. Driving home after a hectic day and drilling yourself to make sure you didn't forget to do something. 

5. Loving that your scrubs double as pajamas.

6. Secretly smirking when a patient wakes up after snoring and tells you their pain is a ten then they fall back to sleep. 


7. When a patient comes back to say they appreciate everything you did for them, but you really didn't think they would leave the hospital alive

8. The little happy dance inside that you do, every time you sign your name with your nurse title. 

9. When you conquer an IV stick the first time, when everyone else was struggling for hours!

10. When you actually get all your breaks during your shift


What would you add to this list? Comment below!