There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about nurses.  Often nurses don't get the opportunity  to explain these misconceptions, so nurses continue to be stereotyped and misunderstood.  Here are a few clarifications on nurses and their profession.


Your nurse is more than your waitress. She usually knows more about you than your doctor and has much more education than you may think. 


Nurses are always checking and re-checking doctors orders, to ensure you get the proper care. Doctors are human and they make mistakes. Nurses are usually the last ones to check medications before they're administered to you.  Nurses save doctors from making potentially fatal mistakes and they make many life and death decisions.

5 percent of nurses are male. They are not called "male nurses", nor are they called "murses". They are simply called nurses.  Please respect them.  And no, they are not all gay.

Don't treat nurses like your personal waitress, masseuse, maid or secretary.  We really do have piles of work to do and while our job may include answering to your every want-and-need, it also involves answering to a dozen other patient's needs and many of them may be much sicker than you.

Please don't assume nurses really want to be doctors, but we were just not smart enough. Please don't make comments like "You're too smart to be a nurse".  Most nurses find these comments highly disrespectful and completely inaccurate. Most nurses are nurses because they love the profession and cannot imagine doing anything else. Some nurses dreamed of becoming a nurse (not a doctor) for many years before they actually became a nurse.

Our brains are on overdrive and when we are checking your blood pressure, or your temperature, we are also assessing multiple other things about you.

The biggest thing nurses want you to know is that we are freaking fabulous!  We don't need a lot of praise, because most of us love our profession, but a "Thanks" really goes a long way!

Can you think of more misconceptions about nurses? If so, comment below!