In your twenties you don't worry much about looking old and that's probably because your skin is still supple and there are no signs of wrinkles or aging.  But the fact of the matter is that you really should take care of your skin all your life, if you want to look younger longer.  

I've noticed that the most beautiful friends I have are the ones that are the hardest on themselves.  The truth is, if you think about all the nasty, hateful things you say to yourself and imagine saying them to someone else, you'd realize how horrible and hard on yourself you really are.  "I'm ugly, gross, too fat, too thin, stupid, dumb..." and the list goes on. If you are truthful to yourself you've thought all these things before , maybe even every day. 

Stop beating yourself up so much and if looking youthful is on your list then here are some foods that can help you on your path to being eternally gorgeous!


One of the biggest signs of aging is yellow teeth. A study in the journal General Dentistry found that cheese helps to keep your teeth white. I thought this sounded a bit strange, but here's the rationale behind it: They took a group of people and had them abstain for brushing their teeth for 48 hours...Ugh! They then gave them some cheddar cheese which raised the PH in their mouths to the same PH freshly-brushed teeth have. When the PH in your mouth is more acidic cavities and discoloration occur. They also discovered that the compounds in the cheese actually act similar to a whitening strip and help fight the acid.  Say "Cheese".


Do you like mushrooms?

Well, a study found that premature graying hair, can be caused by lack of copper. Copper is used by the body to produce pigment for hair and skin. The best source of copper is shiitake mushrooms. A half a cup of these mushrooms contains 71 percent of the recommended daily requirement. 

Carotenoids is the compound that gives plants their bright colors and a recent study in the Journal Evolution and Human Behaviours revealed that consuming fruits and vegetables rich in these compounds will give your skin a nice healthy glow.  The vegetable with the highest amount of these compounds is sweet potato. Just half a potato with the skin, has about 200 percent of the recommended daily allowance.

Drink some water.  Water not only helps you get weight off and keep it of, but it will help you keep your beautiful complexion. If you have puffy, tired eyes, you may be dehydrated.  Water will replenish your body and flush out any toxins. If you add some cut-up citrus fruit to the water and leave the skin on it will help flush the toxins. Citrus fruits contain delimonene-an very powerful antioxidant. 

Like olive oil?

Well, use if for your face.  It's the best moisturizer you will find for your skin. Forget all the expensive creams and run to your local grocery store. Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with nutrition.  It has antioxidants like vitamin A and E. It works as a shield to protect delicate skin while keeping it moist and supple. It can also help to repair damage from the sun, cigarette smoke and other pollutants. 

Do you have any great youthful tips? Share them with us and comment below!