While it's nice that patients have visitors and all the other warm and fuzzy stuff that goes with that statement.  Let's face it, some visitors can be a living nightmare.  They can really try your patience and having you counting the minutes till your shift ends. It's either that or smack them up-side the head for being so stupid, rude, arrogant and the list goes on....We asked some of our nursing community members about their worst visitor experiences, here's what they said:


1. "The woman who never even comes to visit, but calls 12 times a day to complain about the nurses and how they're not doing their job".- Christine Lightfoot

2. "The wife that kept sneaking chocolate candy bars and Mc'Donald's shakes to her newly diagnosed diabetic husband who was rushed to the ER initially with keto-acidosis."Barry Flint

3. "The wife who kept emptying her husbands colostomy bag in the garbage can-eeew"-Terry shaw

4. "The wife who kept disconnecting her husbands IV because he liked to sleep on his side and it just keeps alarming."Kelly Burns

5. "The families that continuously just hover over the poor patient and wake the patient up when they're sedated and intubated to ask if they need a drink or some food.....STOP IT!." Catherine Bradshaw

10. "The family members that came in drunk and wreaking of alcohol and brought a beer for the patient...Um, NO!!".-Candice Leanard

11. " Eating in front of the patient when they're NPO. Worse still is when they talk about how good whatever they're eating is and the poor patient is starving....Not okay!"-Kristin Vincent

12."Patient and visitor having sex. C'mon people, you're in the hospital on a Dilaudid drip because you're supposed to be in horrible pain. what is this about?"-Lisa Miller

13. " Gross old men who try to flirt with you using their stupid and sometimes disgusting humor, that they actually think is so witty it will surely land them a date with you, while their poor wife is sicker that a dog and sometimes circling the drain."  Patty Clark

14. "The wife who just curled up and went to sleep on her husbands bed when he got up to use the bathroom and he is pulling the emergency alarm because he fell in the bathroom. I go in the room and he's on the floor and she's laying there on his bed snoring...I kid you not!" Linda Brewer

15. "The visitor that brought his friend some heroin to shoot up. The patient had a heroin overdose and was intubated.  We catch the visitor with the syringe in the patient's arm. So not okay!" Jan Price

16. The son who only came at meal times and ate all his mother's food then left till it was chow time again." Penny Janicie

What about your worst visitor? Tell your stories below in the comment box!