Ten things nurses wouldn't dream of saying

While there are lots of things that nurses frequently say, there are also some things that nurses wouldn't dream of saying. We asked some of our Facebook and Twitter nursing community "What are some things you wouldn't dream of saying?" Here's what they said:

“No, I don't need to pee at all”
—Sheila Wright

“I make lots of money.”
—Anna Neil

“I have lots of time to answer your call light 20 times in an hour.”
—Norma Lindsay

“…I love working on weekends and holidays. Count me in!.”
—Theresa Franklin

“No, I'm full of energy. I love working three- twelve hour shifts”
Shauna Witt

“I'm always so bored at work, cause we have so many nurses!”
—Britanny Beard

“I don't have enough patients, could I please have some more?!!!”
—Donna Vine

“I just love calling doctor friendly at 2 am, because orders are wrong!”
—Paula Nollin

“Of course I don't mind my confused, demented patients flailing all over the place while I am trying to help them.”
—Mindy Curtis

" It's not a problem that the pharmacy sent the wrong dose for a patient, I check everything anyway!" 

-Ellie Kent