You know you're (or have been) a nursing student when....

Maybe you're a nursing student now, or you may already be a  nurse. Regardless, all of you can relate to these things that only someone who has been a nursing student can understand.  You know you're (or have been) a nursing student when....

  1. You've seriously considered administering a bolus of  250mls of thick, black caffeinated coffee PRN. 

  2. You become much more religious when it's time for exams, clinicals or skills check-offs. "Well, if I wear my red jacket, use my blue pencil and study with my pastel colored index cards I'll ace this test, just like the last one." 

  3. You've become a hypochondriac and have every disease and disorder known to modern society. Especially when you hit your psychiatric semester. 

  4. You've become a germaphobe. You have hand sanitizer bottles everywhere and use paper towels to turn off the sink and open the door  in a public restroom, that's if you're even willing to use them anymore. 

  5.  You’re reading this article instead of studying.

  6. You were scared out of your mind to give your first injection and start your first IV. 

  7. You totally speak with abbreviations and acronyms that your friends and family don't understand. "Today I had a patient that was involved in an MVA, who had an MI and a DVT, I had to put Teds and SCD's  on him and monitor his VS." Wait what?

  8. You refuse to wear white ANYTHING ever again!

  9. You've sat listening to you heart and lungs sounds with a stethoscope on more than one occasion. In fact, you're quite fascinated with it.  Okay, you've listened to your own bowel sounds on more than one occasion too. You've even thought you may have a paralytic ileus a few times. 

  10. You are completely plagued by the fear of what the next semester will hold.

  11. You admire people's veins everywhere you go. 

  12. You've missed so many family get-togethers that your family has forgotten your name. 

  13. You are completely overwhelmed most of the time.

  14. The only friends you have left are either nurses or nursing students.

  15. Deep down you feel like you will never get out of nursing school alive and you'll never be a "real nurse."

  16. You've indulged in nursing school "ice cream and chocolate therapy" more than once.

  17. You've had, or  will have one clinical rotation that you'll never forget. 

  18. You constantly update your schedule in your head. "If I study now, I will get 3 hours sleep, then study for 2 more hours before I go to class to take this stupid renal exam.

  19. You've figured out the first thing you want to buy when you get out of nursing school

  20. You can't wait to become a nurse and really love every minute of clinicals.  You are excited about your future and can't wait to be done with nursing school.