Help! My Hands Are So Dry. What do you use to treat your hands after a long day nursing?


Working as a nurse means your hands often look and feel like sandpaper.  The constant washing and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer wreaks havoc with your skin.  We asked some of our community members what the best hand lotion was and here's what they said:

" I use Eucerin cream (not the lotion). It is very thick and fragrance free. I  bring it to work and apply it as often as I can. I also use it right before bedtime. It works wonders."-Patricia Neal

"Our facility is now using the  powder free latex gloves infused with aloe. They are Also, stay away from the hand sanitizer!! The alcohol in them is torture on your skin. Wash and apply lotion every time! 15 years as a LPN. Mine are in good shape!-Lisa Pauly

"Petroleum Jelly works great for my hands and I do try to avoid hand sanitizer too!" -Kelly Dunn

"I have been a nurse for 40 years and I have always used olive oil. For me it works better than anything. I have hands as smooth as a baby's bottom."-Darcy Cochran

"I have always used O'Keeffe's it is the most effective hand creme for dry, cracked hands. I use it in the morning and at night and I often get compliments on how soft my hands are. I love the stuff. It's great for nurses. I wouldn't use anything else." 

What do you use as a moisturizer for your dry and cracked hands? Comment below