World's Weirdest X-rays

This man was a friendly patron at his local bar in Chihuahua, Mexico. He was having a good time drinking with friends when another man began to  verbally abuse him and threaten him. The abusive man took out a knife and stabbed this poor man in his upper-left skull. 

When he arrived at the hospital the medical staff thought it must be a joke, because the man was very calm and friendly. When he collapsed they realized it was no joke and rushed him to the emergency room.  The knife was lodged in the parietal lobe and was successfully removed. The man who stabbed him fled the scene and was never caught.

Picture: CEN/Europics

This man was busy working at a construction site in the city of Xi'an in north-western China, when a steel bar was dropped from the building above and  went straight through this poor mans skull.  The surgeons had to call the fire department in,  so they could blowtorch the remainder of the steel rod away and X-ray the rest of the skull. 

Picture: CEN/Europics

This poor Chinese man was stabbed in the heart, but he survived. 

This man was working as a welder and was standing on a ladder when he suddenly fell. His coworkers checked on him and he claimed he was fine. But when they turned the man over they saw that the man had a long welding rod protruding from his head.  They took him to the hospital where he underwent a 5 hour surgery to remove the rod. 

The surgeon said 'The rod is only 2mm from the vena and 5mm from the neck artery. If any of the veins were injured, the patient may die at the scene.' The rod had penetrated all the way through the skull "Usually the chance of survival is very low.He was very lucky.' His surgeon said.

This man was at work pruning trees when the chainsaw he was using went out of control and sliced through the mans chest. He was taken to  Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Picture: AP/Allegheny Health Network

This was a sad case of am 18 month old child in China who kept excreting nails.  The doctors finally confined the small child in the hospital, but she continued to excrete them.  The nurse found a small bag next to the child, that had about 20 nails in it and she reported this to the authorities.  The only person who had been with the child was the child's mother.  When questioned by police she said  'Who could be that cruel?'  'No one had any chance to feed her the objects.'

Picture: Quirky China News/REX

This man was unlucky enough to have a crowbar lodged in his head. 

Picture: Cultura/REX

This man was a builder who fell off a platform and onto this metal bar. The man's coworkers had to saw the bar loose and rush him to the hospital.  He did recover.

.Picture: HAP/Quirky China News/REX

This man was rushed to the hospital and found to has three 3 inch  nails hammered into his head. The man claimed he had hammered them himself,but the police didn't believe him.  The man spent about three months in the hospital, but did make a full recovery. 

Picture: HAP/Quirky China News/REX

This two-year-old child fell on a pencil she was carrying and it penetrated her right eye socket and just missed her eyeball. It then penetrated 1.5 inches of her frontal lobe.  The child successfully recovered after doctors at North Bristol NHS Trust successfully removed the pencil,

Picture: North Bristol NHS Trust/PA

This is one of the strangest stories I have ever heard.  This Chinese woman had been complaining of chronic rhinitis for years. She said her nose always had pus coming from it. She suffered from horrible headaches and breathing difficulties. 

When a CAT scan was finally performed, it revealed a metallic object in one of her nostrils. When doctors used an endoscope to remove the foreign object, they were shocked to see that it was actually a bullet.  

The woman said that 48 years prior (when she was just 14) she remembered being hit with something that she thought was a pebble and she bled a lot.  It was bandaged at the time and eventually healed.  Now, 48 years later this woman can finally breath properly again...amazing! 'I should thank the bullet that it didn't take my life 48 years ago, otherwise I wouldn't have my family and my life now.' the woman said. 

Picture: HAP/Quirky China News/REX