Nurse Coworkers That Drive You Nuts. How do you deal with them?

It doesn't seem to matter where you work, as a nurse there are always difficult situations to deal with. But what about coworkers that make you want to pull your hair out?  It's difficult to work with people that just drive you nuts. Whether it's their laziness, their personality or some other very irritating thing about them. Working with them can make a 12-hour shift feel like the never-ending shift from hell. 

I consider myself to be pretty easy going. But I used to work with a nurse in surgery that would often play bluegrass music, very loudly.  Now, I love all types of music and can tolerate a lot. But this was horrible.  I worked with her for 3-days straight once, and I swear to you that I wanted to knock her into tomorrow.  I think she played it louder just to irritate me and I finally told the charge nurse that I just couldn't work with her anymore. 

Here are some of the most annoying types of coworkers:


The complaining nurse

If you haven't come across this type of nurse yet, you're in for a treat.  This nurse finds anything and everything to complain about.  The length of her shift, the patients, the charge nurse, the sun, the moon and everything in between. 

The best way to deal with type of nurse is to ignore her.  Be very business like and if she starts complaining, don't even acknowledge it.  The moment you do,  you'll be stuck in a "poor pitiful me party" for an hour. Without your response, this nurse will not get the pity that she's looking for and will quickly move on to get her neurotic, emotional needs met elsewhere. You are there to do a job and listening to nurses who complain and constantly plaque you with their problems will only bring you down with them. 

The nurse that tells  everything

Regardless of where you work there is always that one nurse that tells you her life story and things you really just don't want to know.  You're just trying to do your job, yet they keep following you around and telling you every detail of their life. 

In order to stop them in their tracks you should just be honest with them.  Tell them that you'd love to chat but  you have work to do.  If you are interested in what they have to say, you can always tell them that you can chat later.  But if you don't give a darn what they have to tell you then be firm and tell them you must move along.  

Nurse Tattle-Tale

I have never worked at a place where there wasn't at  least one tattle-tale nurse. These are the nurses that are trying to get ahead and believe that taking you down is how they will achieve it.  They will always be nice to your face and quickly stab you in the back when the mood strikes them. This type of nurse is not to be trusted. Trust your own intuition. If you feel they are acting fake, then they probably are. 

Steer clear from this type of nurse. They can be ruthless and will tell management anything they see that may make them look better than you.  Don't tell them anything. Just ignore them and do your job and you'll be fine.


Do you have a story about a coworker that drives you nuts? Comment below