Breaking News...HIV Outbreak Prompts Health Emergency In Indiana

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Indiana Governor Mike Pence is ready to declare a public health emergency in the Indiana county of Scottsburg.  According to health officials there have been 72 confirmed cases of HIV diagnosed in southern Indiana. 

He is speaking with health officials to decide the best way to handle the outbreak, but he is opposed to exchange programs that would allow drug abusers a way to exchange their dirty needles for clean ones. He is allowing a temporary, state supervised exchange.

They are in the process of contacting up to 100 people who have been in close contact with the people who have already been confirmed.

'The sooner we get people who may have been infected, by whatever means, in this region, in for testing, in for treatments, the sooner that we will also suppress the spread of the virus,"  The Governor said,  "I'm confident that we're going to stop this in its tracks, but this is an epidemic. 

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