Are You Driving Your Co-Workers Crazy? 11 Things That Drive Nurses Insane

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There's always at least one annoying nurse at every workplace and while you may be pointing your finger at a nurse you may find annoying, maybe they are pointing their finger at you.  So what are the most annoying things you can do at work? We asked some of our Facebook and Twitter friends and here's what they said:


"Stop leaving me with your empty IV bags.  Do me a favor and hang another one when you are going off shift and you know darn well that it's empty."-Lisa Coudwell

"This one is for all the inconsiderate nurse managers out there-Please stop mandating meetings on my day off. It never fails and I too would like a free day off, just like you." -Bernie Walters

"Why do you insist on taking five 20 minute smoke-breaks during your shift. Why do you get the benefit of all these breaks just because you smoke?" -Carly Cochrane

"If you see that a piece of equipment isn't working could you please call maintenance, instead of just leaving it on the floor for the next nurse to find that it doesn't work."-Linda Pauly

"Please stop being late for work. I can be here on time, why can't you? I understand the odd time or two that you may be late, but every freaking day is a bit much."-Mary Shultz

"Can you please answer some call-bells every now and then. I am not buying the excuse that you can't hear them going off."-Kelly Harrison

"Can you please place equipment back where you got it when you have use it, so other nurses don't have to wonder where the heck it is."-Laura Brent

'Please iron your scrubs if they are all wrinkled and grungy looking. You are a professional and you should be dressed like one. We are lucky to be able to wear scrubs to work, please don't take it for granted."-Debra Cooley

"Stop with the annoying personal phone calls. As much as you think people want to hear about the trouble your kid got in at school, your friend who just found out her husband was cheating on her, or your aunt Bertha's bunions, the truth is we just don't want to hear about it. We all have our own problems and would prefer you limit your phone conversations to your break times and stop talking so loud." Ashley James

"Please take your old food containers HOME.  I certainly hope you wouldn't leave month old spaghetti in your fridge at home, please stop doing it at work.  We promote a healthy environment and moldy beef stew  or rotten fruit in the break room, breeds gnats and rats. Please dispose of it and keep the fridge clean." Darlene Corfish

"Enough with the brown nosing.  Everyone else can see right through you.  There's nothing wrong with getting credit for a job well done, but you really should let your nursing skills demonstrate how good a nurse you are and not constantly be rubbing noses with upper management. Stop tattling on other nurses and acting like a know-it-all." Kristy Scott  

Do you have something that annoys you about your coworkers? Comment below