Euthanasia-A horrible Crime, or a Fair Choice?

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Euthanasia is an extremely controversial subject, especially among healthcare professionals.  As nurses we are the patient's advocate. But what does that really mean when it comes to euthanasia?  Is it really murder?  or is it more cruel to allow someone to suffer a horrible death?


Even our pets are afforded euthanasia when there's nothing else we can do to help them. Why is it that we don't allow this in humans?  Instead, we allow them to suffer.  In palliative care, it's difficult when telling a patient there really isn't anything that can be done.

Shouldn't we allow people to die with dignity and in comfort?  We have the technology to allow for this and as the patient's advocate isn't this the best thing we can offer them?

If Euthanasia was legal and we enforced strict regulations and rules, many of our terminally ill patients would benefit from this option. 

Oregon is one of the only states to offer patient's the option to die with dignity, with their "right to die law".. If the patient decides to take this option, they must be terminally ill, but can their doctor and get a prescription that they can take when they are ready.  It's not assisted suicide, because no one else assists them. They must do it without the help of others. Should other states adopt this law?

Many say euthanasia is a slippery slope and if made legal, the practice would be abused.  

What do you think about this topic?