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In your nursing career you work with lots of,  how shall I say this? "interesting people."  Some of which you get along with, some are really good friends and others you would honestly like to choke.  


One of the most annoying things about some nurses is their tattling behavior.  I've seen this more in the nursing profession than any other. Nurses who have an issue with another nurse and instead of attempting to address it with the nurse involved, they immediately take it up with the manager. 

I consider this behavior cowardly, childish and extremely unprofessional. Now, it's one thing if you have already attempted to speak with the nurse you have a problem with and gotten no response, (or no positive response). But to not even try to solve an issue with the party involved and go right over their head is downright cruel. 

Everyone deserves the right to explain themselves and by going over someone's head, you are likely to make an enemy of them and get a very bad reputation for yourself in the process. 

Of course there are times when it is necessary to go directly to management and you should consider this carefully. If the nurse in question has violated a policy or procedure then you should go directly to management. But the majority of the time, things can be handled without escalating the problem to management. 

Don't go around being a snitch.  It really doesn't do anyone any good.  Be fair with your coworkers and treat them as you wish to be treated. 

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