Stupid Questions-Are there any?

As the saying goes, "There are no stupid questions".  But how true is this?   Sometimes it's tempting to  think it's more a case of "There are  no stupid questions, just stupid people asking them".  


When I was a nursing student I had tons of questions. At times it was a bit intimidating  when I didn't understand something, to get the courage to raise my  hand and ask a question.  One of the biggest fears of humans is that of public speaking. But it seemed apparent to me that some folks don't seem to have this fear at all and raise their  hand every five minutes. 

Are there really any questions that are considered stupid? While I don't consider myself to be the smartest person to have ever lived, I am certainly not the dumbest. When I used to listen to some of my fellow students in class I wondered what planet they had come from and if they had been listening to anything at all. 

I used to think some people just really enjoyed hearing themselves talk, or maybe they really know the answer to the question they're about to ask, but they just want to sound smart. Maybe it was that their mommy didn't give them enough attention as a child and they're are looking for it now.

Don't get me wrong, when I had a question, I wasn't afraid to ask it. But there always seemed to be a couple of students that wouldn't shut up in class and caused everyone else to have to stay later unnecessarily. 

It seemed to me that they thought  it was cool to hold the whole class up to clarify something that was clarified two hours before. 

Having said all of this, I am now a nurse and I've certainly changed my tune on the discussion of questions. Although it may be irritating to you to listen to questions when you already know the answer. The important thing to remember is that  the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Especially in the nursing field.  That question could mean the difference between  life and death.  

If you're a student, look at these questions as part of your learning. Even if you already know it, it doesn't hurt to hear it again. 

Give your fellow students the benefit of the doubt and realize that everyone learns differently. What may seem simple to you, could be difficult for others to grasp and vice-versa.

Maybe they were in the bathroom when this was mentioned before.  Or maybe they just didn't understand. They're doing the right thing by asking for clarification. 

Try to be patient and listen. You never know, you may learn something you didn't know. There have been times when I thought I really understood something and then, by hearing it again, I realize that I clearly didn't understand it the first time.

In your opinion, are there any stupid questions? Comment below!